Nobody Wanted To See K-Fed

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Rap icon, Kevin Federline, kicked off his Playing With Fire concert tour at New York’s Webster Hall Saturday night, and he was greeted by a packed house hanging on his every word. Except replace “packed house hanging on his every word” with “an empty auditorium and awkward curiosity from people with free tickets.” Sara Cardace of reports:

An informal survey of the crowd yielded a foursome who confessed that they were friends of K-Fed’s manager and had gotten free tickets; two judgment-reserving girls who also had free tickets, which they’d won from TRL; a priceless foreign couple who admitted they’d first heard of Kevin Federline “this day”; and one couple with mixed intentions. (She: “I’m not a fan, just really into the tabloids!” He, glumly: “My girlfriend made me come.”…estimates put the sparse crowd around 250, a sixth of the Webster Hall’s capacity…”

I would have gone down on Star Jones just for the chance to see this idiot’s face backstage. More specifically, the look on this idiot’s face when he realized that everything that has been written about him true. No, you will never be given credit for anything other than not pulling out of Britney Spears. Now go home and count your allowance knowing that more people stand in line to pop balloons with darts at the fair than they do waiting to see you play pretend.

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