Britney Spears is a Big Fat Liar

I assure you it pains me more than it pains you to have a home page full of Brit and K-Fed posts, but nobody said life is fair, people, and I never said Britney and Kevin weren’t talentless fugs with publicists. Turns out Britney lied about her wedding. She staged her photo op “Pimps and Maids” track suit wedding on September 18th, 2004 and according to her divorce docs, she wasn’t legally married until October 6th, 2004. When The Smoking Gun and US Weekly asked Britney’s handlers about these “faux wedding” legal documents back in September 2004, Britney’s reps said,

This is all ludicrous. They are happily married, and I have no reason to believe otherwise”

It allegedly took nearly a month to make the marriage official because the people Britney hired to do her thinking for her had one collective heart attack when they heard about Britney’s “surprise” wedding and insisted she make K-Fed sign a prenuptial agreement before the marriage was for reals, y’all, which is one of many times they saved her millions from being flushed down the toilet. Britney was reportedly worth $32 million at the time of her wedding to K-Fed. I swear if it weren’t for MC Hammer being “generous” enough to lose his entire fortune to a bunch of parasites several years ago, Britney would be chomping gum in your ear whilst trying to sell you Soap Opera Digest and weight loss pills on the phone today. I’m pretty sure I should hate Hammer for that.

I love candid Britney so much, I had to post these again. She’s so hot.

Source: Thanks to TMZ