Mel Gibson Got an Award

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Three months after he made headlines with a drunk driving arrest and anti-Jewish remarks, Mel Gibson was honored by a Los Angeles Latino business organization yesterday for his work on the upcoming film, Apocalypto. The chairman of the organization, Rick Sarmiento, said that the association’s board unanimously approved to grant Gibson the award after watching a screening of the movie. He says:

Hearing him tell the story about using Latino actors, it was a no-brainer…[on Gibson’s choice to use an entire Mexican cast and crew]tantamount to being at the Super Bowl and getting your quarterback from the audience.”

In addition to the all Mexican cast and crew, every piece of dialogue in Apocalypto is spoken in ancient Mayan. Mel Gibson couldn’t be more worshiped by the Latin community if he’d driven up in a pickup truck with a chain link steering wheel and a mariachi band in the back. Which is strange, because according to the movie’s trailer, Mel Gibson seems to think that all Mexicans do is run. And that’s just not racially sensitive or historically accurate, because there was no such thing as car accidents back then. Oh that Mel Gibson, he’ll never learn!

Jewish Rachel “Sugar Tits” Bilson in a see through shirt: