Nicole Richie is Committed

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After staying only 72 hours at Beau Monde, the $80,000 a month treatment center in Newport Beach, where she reportedly went for help with an eating disorder on October 26th, Nicole Richie checked herself out claiming that she wanted to go shopping. Later that night, Nicole Richie passed out at the L.A. club, Hyde, where witnesses say she was partying with Lindsay Lohan. The staff members at the facility insisted that Richie stay, but she refused. A source says:

Nicole is in complete denial and oblivious to how sick she really is.”

Two years ago, Nicole Richie was a chubby mess on The Simple Life. Then one day, apparently because of an eating disorder, she was skinny. But, the thing is, you don’t lose 50 pounds overnight by being an anorexic. You lose 50 pounds overnight because of gastric bypass surgery. Just like her ex-boyfriend, DJ A.M., did (he lost 150 pounds due to the surgery). The rumor is that Nicole Richie checked herself in not because she has an eating disorder, but because she had gastric bypass surgery and now can no longer put on any weight at all, even if she tries. This horrible tragedy would keep me up at night if I cared. Wait, let me check….nope, still don’t.

Nicole leaving Arena night club a couple weeks ago: