Ryan Phillippe is Rich

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Although they are reportedly keeping their split amicable for the sake of their children, Reese Witherspoon may be crying a little harder if the couple follows through with the divorce. She has an Oscar and a $20 million asking price for each film. What she doesn’t have is a prenuptial agreement.

The actress now earns $20 million a movie while her husband only commands $2.5 million, but under California law earnings during a marriage are split 50/50 if no prenup is in place. In 2005 alone Reese earned $30 million dollars for her two films ‘Just Like Heaven’ and her Oscar-winning role in Johnny Cash biopic ‘Walk The Line’, while Ryan has only appeared in two hit films in the last six years – ‘Gosford Park’ and ‘Crash’.”

We may like guns, ropes and race cars here in North Carolina, but if Reese and Ryan lived here, Ryan wouldn’t get any of Reese’s money because he cheated on her. He would also get a warrant for his arrest if he was a minute late mailing in his child support payment. As an added treat, Reese’s brothers and cousins would make sure Ryan enjoyed his mocha chai lattes through a feeding tube and his daily sponge baths with a morphine drip. Maybe one day we’ll be as progressive as California. I know our kids will love that their school’s principal is a drag queen. It’s like he’s playing dress up!

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