Ryan Phillippe Cheated

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Multiple sources are reporting that the reason Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are separating after seven years of marriage is because Ryan cheated with Australian actress, Abbie Cornish. They apparently became very close in Austin during the filming of the indie film, Stop Loss. Page Six reports:

The “Flags of Our Fathers” star couldn’t resist his seven-year itch when he brazenly played around in public with 24-year-old Aussie actress Abbie Cornish. “Ryan admitted it was true and said, ‘We need to just end this.’ Reese literally had no choice,” an anonymous source told Us [Magazine]…The National Enquirer says the final straw came two weeks ago, hours after the New York premiere of “Flags,” when Witherspoon found incriminating e-mails on her hubby’s BlackBerry.”

You know this is going to be a boring story when Ryan Phillippe is the prettiest one involved. It’s even more boring when you look at Abbie Cornish. Somebody should tell Ryan that when you cheat, you’re supposed to trade up. Since Reese Witherspoon could levitate buildings with her mutant brain inside her enormous forehead, I’m surprised Abbie Cornish hasn’t been found bleeding from the ears after Reese stared at her.

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish on the set of Stop Loss: