Katie Holmes is Making Friends

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Katie Holmes found a new “BFF” in, of all people, Brooke Shields. The same Brooke Shields who was very publicly insulted by Katie’s fiance, Tom Cruise, on the Today show. The same Brooke Shields who accepted an invitation to have a private meeting with Tom Cruise after he was very publicly kicked to the curb by Paramount Pictures. The same Brooke Shields who subsequently told the world Tom is really sorry and she forgives him.

Dressing as Brooke Shields circa 1980, The Blue Lagoon years this Halloween is a good idea and all, but a much warmer and up to date costume would be the 2006 Brooke Shields. All you need are some eyebrows, a cache of vitamins, a straight jacket and a tinfoil hat. And there you go. They don’t not call me Martha Stewart for nothing, people.