Lindsay Lohan Wishes You a Peaceful Halloween

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Leggings/tights … check. Washed out cokewhore makeup … check. Tacky accessories … check. Stupid peace sign … check. Something tight on the crotch to accentuate the labia … check. Trying too hard with the ode to the 80s flashback clothes so she can draw the attention of the 30 and over crowd even though most of us are pissed off people like her are trying to bring this ugly crap we wore then and hate now back in style … check.

Lindsay, this doesn’t count as a costume. This is the kind of shit you wear every day. And regarding that key around your neck. Please, spare me. Nobody needs a key to get in a vagina which has a flashing neon sign that reads, “Open 24 Hours! Loose Slots!” That’s not even clever, Lindsay. At least Paris Hilton’s insinuates she reads books with her “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” sign.