Mariah Carey Gets Cancelled

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Citing low tickets sales and Mariah’s outrageous demands, the event promotion company, One Events, has cancelled a Mariah Carey concert that was scheduled for tomorrow in Hong Kong. One Event said:

We have decided to cancel the event … due to both the poor response of public ticket sales and also due to specific last-minute demands which we find wholly unreasonable.”

According to a music industry source, although the ticket sales were disappointing, the only reason the concert was canceled was because Mariah was being a diva bitch:

She was making demands like Streisand. She wanted special spring water, furniture, lighting and armed escorts. They told her: ‘This is Hong Kong, not the U.S.,’ and she said: ‘I am not going on.’ So they said: ‘Fine.'”

Look honey, this isn’t 1996. Nobody cares that you have an eight octave range now that you’ve gained 200 pounds. I’m sure the rice farmer that saved for six months so he could see you waddle around on stage for an hour will be glad to hear that you won’t be performing because you couldn’t get the right kind of barbecue sauce for your doughnuts.