Everybody Wants Paris Hilton Dead

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In a recent poll, Paris Hilton was voted as the person horror movie fans would most like to see die on screen. Paris took this honor by beating out Lindsay Lohan and others by garnering 39% of the vote. In her horror movie debut in last year’s House of Wax, Paris was stabbed in the brain with a pole. Apparently this was a compliment to Paris:

My death scene is really cool. It’s the coolest death scene in the movie.”

Leave it to Paris to think the five minutes she was in the movie would put House of Wax on some sort of AFI list. The scene was only cool because you died. You weren’t #1 in this poll because people want to see you in more horror movies, you were #1 because people want to see you die. If you walked into a North Carolina gun show with Osama Bin Laden and Louis Farrakhan, the hardest decision people would have to make is deciding which one of those two to frame.

Paris in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on October 18th: