Brad Pitt Had Sex Before

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The National Enquirer has a huge feature story which claims Angelina Jolie will go ape shit and dump Brad Pitt because he allegedly had sex with a hooker “several” years ago. A call girl named “Olivia” claims in a new book titled “Hooking Up: You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again” that Brad paid her $500 for sex. She says he didn’t last long, he wasn’t kinky, he wore a condom and “he just wanted to get off.”

Angelina Jolie dumping Brad Pitt over condom covered, thirty second long sex he had with some prostitute before they were even dating would make about as much sense as not eating cheese because it has a little mold on it. Cheese is mold. Eat around the green stuff. Hell, Paris Hilton is skankier than most of the dirtiest street hookers you’ll ever encounter. If Brad hooked up with her at any point in his life, then I could see the cause for alarm.

Angelina with Shiloh on October 20th: