Lindsay Lohan is Still an Excellent Driver

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Lindsay Lohan nearly caused a car accident last night after she sped out of the Hyde parking lot without looking, causing an oncoming vehicle to come to a screeching halt to avoid from ramming into Lindsay’s Mercedes. Lindsay drove away without stopping. TMZ reports:

The other car screeched to a halt, coming very close to crashing into the red-haired vixen’s pricey ride, while Lindsay continued on her way without missing a beat.”

Just barely a year ago, Lindsay slammed her Mercedes into a van then fled the scene to go hide in an antiques store. Things ramming into Lindsay Lohan is pretty much cliche at this point, but it sure would be nice if one of those things could one day be an oncoming vehicle. I’m not saying somebody should kill her, but if they think they have a big enough lead to give away those 40 bonus points, then that’s totally up to them.

Watch the video here

Lohan leaving the Ritz in Paris on October 20th: