Britney Spears is Desperate

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Britney Spears is sparing no expense to make sure Kevin Federline’s only debut album is a sure fire hit. MSNBC reports:

The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer is sponsoring a contest, and the fan who helps sell the most copies of Kevin Federline’s “Playing With Fire” gets to party with Spears and K-Fed on Halloween during the CD release party. Second prize is the pair of sneakers that K-Fed wore on the Teen Choice Awards, third place gets a $200 gift certificate, and 10 lucky runners-up get a replica of a medallion that K-Fed wears almost every day.”

After reading this I really can’t tell if Britney is just trying to be sarcastic here. Okay, let’s see, if I win, I either get to hang out with these two idiots, a pair of clown shoes with no laces, a $200 gift certificate to Taco Bell or some fake ass jewelry. Wow, I thought this was a contest, and “contest” infers some type of prize. Brad Pitt at the end of Seven had a better selection to choose from.

Here are new pictures of Britney on October 15th. The tummy tuck and lipo seem to be helping, but she still can’t manage to put on a bra.

Images: x17online