Carmen Electra is Scientific

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Just like every other Playboy Playmate, Carmen Electra says she will make the natural transition into the study of quantum physics.

I’m really into quantum physics. Some of my friends are into it, some of them aren’t, so I’m trying to get them excited about discovering all these interesting things about thoughts and the power of thoughts. It gives me chills thinking about it. It’s fun.”

The “power of thoughts” should have told Carmen Electra that smoking weed and watching Mr. Wizard really shouldn’t be that big of a life changing experience. Somebody should just tell her to take all her clothes off and look in the mirror. Then she’ll realize thats she’s Carmen Electra. She’s not supposed to be trying to secure grant money for research on her time machine, she’s supposed to be naked. The only scientific formula she needs to know is that the solid blue line means you’re pregnant.