Brandon Davis is Fat and Poor

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Brandon Davis, Paris Hilton’s lapdog and second generation heir to the Marvin Davis oil fortune, recently bounced a check for $10,000 intended for “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis. Several reports are hinting that the Davis clan is running out of money. Patty Davis Raynes, Brandon’s aunt, is suing the family for more inheritance, and Brandon’s mother and grandmother are both trying to sell their homes. Page Six reports:

Before Brandon told Page Six, “Fuck you,” and hung up, he explained that his check had bounced because he was switching banks and that he’d paid Francis back in cash (which Francis denies). The check, a copy of which was obtained by Page Six, states it was refused for “insufficient funds.”

A few months ago, Brandon Davis said Lindsay Lohan was poor because she was “only” worth $7 million, now he has to go to the pawn shop to cover his NSF fees. Nothing would make me happier than seeing this loser and his fat ass brother handing out coupons in front of Omeletteville for $3 an hour. I could find some magic beans, learn to fly, or pull a sword out of a stone and this would still be the best news I’ve had in weeks.

Here’s beautiful Monica Bellucci at the N (Io e Napoleone) premiere because she’s not Brandon Davis: