Grind House Trailer is Online

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The first footage of the new Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez horror movie, Grind House, is online, but it looks like it’s mostly made up of scenes from Rodriguez’s segment, Planet Terror. This doesn’t look like the complete trailer, but that doesn’t stop it from looking awesome. Over Chinese takeout and Merlot, people will always say that they want to be challenged and inspired at the movies with films about gay cowboys and penguins, but what they really want to see is exploding zombies and chicks with big tits blowing crap up. Gratuitous nudity and violence is what makes America great. But if you want to pay $10 so you can discuss the aspects of mise en scène or how the director created a lush tapestry of the human existence, feel free there, Roger Ebert.

Gratuitous Kelly Brook seemed like a pretty obvious choice here: