Kirsten Dunst is Taking a Break

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Fug beast, Kirsten Dunst, says that she is ready to quit Hollywood and go back to college. She hisses:

Right now I want to go to art school. It’s important to do other things. I’m not the type of actress who likes to do movie after movie after movie. It doesn’t feel like you have much of a life. You’re just taking on a new identity in a way.”

Yeah, it’s always a good idea when you give up millions of dollars so you can go learn to draw. This would possibly sound noble and sincere if it was anybody except this hag. How this creature has tricked every producer in Hollywood into thinking that she’s an A-list “classic beauty” is something I’ve spent many hours in the lab trying to figure out. So far my research tells me that leading ladies’ beauty secrets should not include avoiding direct sunlight and avoiding the dentist. In one test I replaced pictures of Kirsten with pictures of a cobra, and no one could tell the difference.

Dunst on Septemer 22nd: