Jessica Simpson is Ambitious

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For the past two months, Jessica Simpson has been saying she will be making a movie called “Blonde Ambition” with Luke Wilson some time in November. Just last week, she announced it to the entire country during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but according to Luke Wilson – it’s not happening. In a confusingly vague statment, a rep for Wilson claims, “Luke Wilson will never do a movie with Jessica Simpson.” As you might have guessed, Jessica’s loving father is once again showing off his awesome managerial skills with this one. A source says:

Joe is telling Jessica he’s getting big stars,” says the source. “Joe’s been working on it for months. It’ll end up having a bunch of nobodies if it happens. He was trying to get Meg Ryan to be the Sigourney Weaver character. It’s such a joke. He’s been sending out half-written scripts with personal letters to stars asking them to be in it.”

Wow, this can’t be good news. I’m not sure how soon Jessica will want to go ahead and kill herself, but the three day waiting period on handguns might be a little too long for her. Maybe she can get an anvil dropped on her head or a rocket tied to her back, like every other badly drawn cartoon character.

Jessica at the Noche de Ninos Gala Beverly Hills on October 7th: