Erica Durance is Crying and Has Implants

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Smallville actress, Erica Durance, walked out of the Howard Stern Show yesterday “crying hysterically” after Stern refused to talk about anything else except her FHM interview where she claimed that she was basically a nudist. Stern also accused her of having implants, and when Durance tried to shift the focus of the interview to promoting her upcoming movie, Stern said, “Fuck the movie.”

In the FHM article and yesterday’s show, Durance confessed that she and her husband never wear clothes when they’re at home and that they throw parties where she informs her guests that “clothing is optional.” She admits to answering the door in nothing but an apron, and that as many 20 people are usually in her house during one of her parties. However, when asked to elaborate, she got all uptight and left. Just like my date last night. Apparently having the Little Mermaid in your porn collection is a bad thing.

Erica Durance and her implants on Smallville: