Anna Nicole Smith is Married and Greasy

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So here are the pictures of Anna Nicole Smith’s Bahamas “wedding” to her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, on September 28th. The pictures that People magazine paid $1 million for you to see. The pictures of Anna Nicole Smith looking baked out of her mind and holding a newborn. The pictures that were taken just three weeks after Anna’s son, Daniel, died of an overdose. The couple were so heartbroken that they playfully jumped in the ocean and sipped apple cider and champagne without care. Then, when you didn’t think it could get any better, the happy couple ferried in some Kentucky Fried Chicken (no joke) to celebrate their new life together. Not shown in these glorious pictures is Anna performing the ancient Bahama marriage ritual of rubbing the chicken bucket all over her face. It was a joyous time indeed.