Naomi Campbell Might Get Arrested

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After she failed to appear in court yesterday to answer charges of assaulting her housekeeper with a cell phone, Judge James Gibbons of the Manhattan Criminal Court said he would issue a warrant for Naomi Campbell’s arrest if she does not appear at her next court date, November 15th. Campbell’s lawyer, David Breitbart, says his client was a no-show because of the hordes of press outside the courthouse. Gibbons was not sympathetic.

She is absolutely obligated to appear at the next court date or the law will go into effect. A bench warrant will be issued.”

Nothing would make me happier than seeing this psycho thrown in jail. She wouldn’t last five minutes. Which is more time than she should have lasted as a model. I’m not an expert on models, but aren’t supermodels supposed to be hot? Because Naomi looks like something Captain Kirk would’ve fucked on Star Trek.

Most of these are NSFW: