Ashlee Simpson Premiered Last Night

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Ashlee Simpson began her five-week run as “Roxie Hart” in the London Cambridge Theatre production of Chicago last night. Before the premiere, Ashlee says she could relate to her role as the fame-hungry “Roxie.”

The play absolutely is all about celebrity and wanting to be famous and have your name in the papers and your picture in the papers,” the 21-year-old pop star told reporters. “And in that sense, it’s been kind of cool because I’ve really got to connect to that ’cause I’ve seen that world and been in that world.”

Wait, did Ashlee just discover a a portal to a parallel universe? Is she fighting the Kromagg Dynasty? No? Because I’m trying to figure out what “world” she’s talking about. I hope we’re talking about the same one. The one where she’s an attention whore. The one where she has to go to London because America hates her. The one where she dances around on stage with another blonde tranny in front of a big sparkly curtain and calls it art. I get the feeling we’re not on the same page here.

Ashlee performing last night:

Ashlee and Jessica at the Chicago after-party: