Lindsay Lohan Had an Accident

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Lindsay Lohan was rushed to New York’s St. Vincent’s Hospital after slipping and falling at a Fashion Week party and fracturing her wrist in two places.

Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said the 20-year-old actress slipped and fell at the Milk Studios in New York…Sloane added that “there’s a pending investigation” into the accident, after Lohan claimed Milk Studios didn’t take proper measures to prevent slips on the slick ground.”

My first guess was that she tripped because her panties were around her ankles, but then I remembered she doesn’t wear any. Hopefully the “pending investigation” will get to the bottom of how everybody except Lindsay managed not to trip over themselves like baby deer wearing rollerblades. I’m not a detective, but I’ll throw out a guess. Two words: vodka and xanax.

Lindsay at the Francisco Costas Spring 2007 Calvin Klein Collection After Party: