Scarlett Johansson Has Good Taste

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While filming The Black Dahlia in Bulgaria, Scarlett Johansson claimed to have found a new hobby while shopping in markets of the capital city of Sofia – Nazi memorabilia.

There are a lot of strange things. Like if you go to markets, there is all this Nazi paraphernalia you can buy. It’s really interesting. I really enjoyed my time there. It’s a fascinating city.”

As much as I’d like to have sex with Scarlett Johansson right now, it might help my fantasy if she wasn’t whispering in my ear about the Third Reich. Not that it would really matter. As long as I could see the television, we could still argue Schindler’s List during reverse cowgirl. Team Gibson!

Scarlett at the L.A. premiere of The Black Dahlia on Sept. 6th: