Paris Hilton and Travis Barker Smoke Out

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Rumored to have been seeing each other for about a week now, Paris Hilton and Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker, were caught on video burning a joint last night. TMZ reports:

Though we can’t say for sure what he was smoking, cameras caught Travis Barker lighting up a suspicious cigarette at Marquee last night as Pairs Hilton sat at his side. After someone in Barker’s posse took a hit from the cigarette it was passed to Travis, who took time to burn the end with a candle before taking a puff of his own. While Paris is not seen smoking, eyewitnesses have spotted the heiress allegedly smoking “something” in the past.”

That’s why I quit smoking pot. You’re just asking for the AIDS.

Watch the video here.

and here are those pictures of Paris caught smoking a joint in the past.

Paris at the Rosa Cha Spring ’06 After-Party on September 10th: