Christina Aguilera Wanted Britney

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Christina Aguilera is apparently still bitter that Britney Spears refused to kiss her on stage at the 2003 MTV VMAs. Before the show, Aguilera suggested to Britney that they should kiss, but Britney declined – yet still kissed Madonna.

I was up for kissing Britney, but Britney wasn’t. Although she had nothing against kissing Madonna.”

All Christina has to do is read this site to realize what a difference three years makes. Because now she is the only one out of the three who most straight guys would want to kiss. She’s the hottest and most talented. Britney Spears and Madonna look like a before and after picture. If your before picture was Warren Sapp in a sundress and your after picture was a middle aged zombie in a leotard.

Christina and Elton John at the 3rd Annual Fashion Rocks concert:

Christina, Britney and Madonna at the 2003 VMAs: