Lindsay Lohan is Airing it Out

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Lindsay Lohan arrived in Venice yesterday to promote her new movie, Bobby. She wore a lovely green dress and no underwear, natch. Because why would you wear a flowy dress to an event like that with lots of people, and swarms of paparazzi and worry about whether or not your vagina is flapping around in the Venice breeze? I understand she probably wants to prove to the world (and Brandon Davis) that she really doesn’t have a seven foot long clitoris, but this really isn’t the time or place. In her defense, I’m sure the thing is so numb from years of constant pounding she lost all sensation down there, so this was simply yet another oversight on her part.

The first two are very NSFW. You have been warned.

Update: Some are claiming the first two pictures are Photoshopped, but what people are claiming is the “original” has her wearing what looks like a big, pink diaper. If I was her tireless publicist, I’d draw a diaper on her, too. And a muzzle. And a target. And some arrows in her forehead. Stuff like that.

Update #2: The “underwear” photo is a fake.

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