Kelly Clarkson is Petty

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Kelly Clarkson reportedly sold her $60,000 hot-pink Mustang convertible after she learned that adult film star, Alana Evans, had the same model. Both cars were customized by Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys, Calif. Evans says:

She was upset that I had the same car and threw a big fit,” says Evans, star of “Britney Rears 3” and host of “Private Calls,” Playboy’s weekly radio show on Sirius. “It’s insulting because she doesn’t even know me. I thought, ‘What kind of American Idol is this?’ It’s funny because when Kelly had the car, some of my friends saw her and asked me, ‘Who was that fat brunette driving your car?'”

Wow. I would’ve never guessed that America’s little sweetheart and a porn star would have the same gawdy taste in cars. I would’ve also never guessed that winning a karaoke contest could turn someone into a diva who thinks her car should be the only of its kind on the road. Listen, Kelly, you’re not driving the Batmobile. You’re driving a Ford that you had painted pink. So what if some porn star has the same car as you? I’m sure they can’t be exactly the same. Like, I’m sure hers doesn’t smell like Twinkie and bratwurst pizza.

Kelly and her ironic t-shirt at the Sony 500 on September 3rd: