Johnny Depp is Cool

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If any celebrities read this site, you might want to take a real close look at this picture. You might recognize the guy holding up the sign. Your discerning eye will show you that the sign says, “I Love Allison,” and that Johnny is holding a pen. What you may not know is that Johnny was working on set of POTC3 and this girl, Allison, is a fan who came and asked for an autograph. This is what he did for her. By now, you’d think being the greatest actor of our generation whose latest film has grossed $408 million and counting, would be more than enough for him to act like a complete ass like most of you do, but luckily for his fans, Johnny isn’t like that. So the next time a person asks you for your autograph because you read words off paper, please remember what you just saw before blowing them off because you’re late for your weekly enema. Chances are, the reason the casting director has good news for you is because Johnny Depp gave them bad news first.

Dumb bitch and Drew Barrymore on August 27: