Jon Voight Loves His Grandkids

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TMZ has video of Angelina Jolie’s estranged father, Jon Voight, sending a special message to his grandkids on Saturday at the BAFTA awards. Guess how many names he got right? While wishing Maddox a happy 5th bithday, Voight said:

Happy birthday Maddox. Five years old. That’s big one. Five years old, you’re getting to be a young man. And I send my love to you and I send my love to…uh…Shakira…and, uh, Sha-Shaheera, is it Sheera, Shahira?”

He rambled on like this for a while longer, and even after the reporter told him how to pronounce it correctly, he still messed it up. I would say he’s senile, but he’s been in Hollywood for the majority of his life, so if I had to make a diagnosis, I’d say he’s just crazy. Jon Voight hasn’t spoken to his daughter in four years, and this probably won’t do anything to help. At this point, if Jon Voight ever wants to see his grandkids again, he’ll have to disguise himself as a Haitian baby and leave himself on Angelina’s porch.

Watch the video here.

Angelina and Brad on August 23rd:

And some pictures of Shakira since John Voight seems to like her so much: