Paris Hilton Has Always Been Nasty

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Paris Hilton is reportedly upset at comments made by Elijah Blue Allman on the Howard Stern Show last week. Elijah, the son of Cher and Greg Allman, said he had sex with Paris before she became famous and that he was so worried that he might catch a disease after they did it, he went downstairs and scrubbed his genitals with Tilex.

Hilton is “not happy” about Allman’s comments, says a source, even though he described Hilton as a “sweet girl.” Allman also said he had sex years ago with Hilton’s reality show co-star and former best friend, Nicole Richie, and says they’re now friends.”

Wow, certain things you should just keep as thoughts. Specifically, the time you had sex with Paris Hilton. It’s not really an original story when a thousand other guys have already drank Clorox after Paris breathed on them. It’s not like you built a spaceship in your garage or invented cookies, you banged Paris Hilton. You can find fewer people who have ridden a bike.

Paris on August 25th: