Jaime Pressly is Lickable Likeable

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The warning label on my bottle of Windex says I shouldn’t spray it directly into my eyes. One of the countless warnings in my cell phone’s user guide says I shouldn’t cook my cell phone in a microwave. A gigantic sticker on the cord of my hairdryer tells me I shouldn’t operate it while I’m chin-deep in a bathtub. Since I learned the hard way with all of the aforementioned things, I’m going to take the safe route here and assume it’s not okay to make fun of Jaime Pressly or I might lose another head. She’s a talented actress and she’s one of the few who didn’t use nepotism, Daddy’s money or Scientology to bully her way to fame. She’s also pretty damn hot, so here she is last night at the Emmy awards show and after party. And I’m going to put that acrylic box on my head the doctor gave me in case I screwed up again.