Fun With Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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I like to think of this as an actual yearbook page where all of these people were classmates at the same time. I like to think Johnny Depp scored a threesome with both Angelina Jolies, and both George Clooneys nailed both Halle Berrys on the same night. It’s also fun to imagine Tyra Banks, Whitney Houston and Eminem all taking turns kicking Avril Lavigne‘s ass for wearing her hair like that. And you know Meat Loaf and Cameron Diaz would have been a couple. Ugly people gotta stick together.

Click the thumbnails for larger photos:

Thanks to ONTD for the pictures! Most of these are pretty self explanatory but if you get stuck on any of these, go to the source for the answers.

Update: As per your requests, here are the answers:

First row: 1. Justin Timberlake, 2. Hilary Swank, 3. Jennifer Garner, 4. Johnny Depp, 5. Nelly Furtado, 6. Courteney Cox

Second row: 1. Michelle Pfeiffer, 2. Matt Damon, 3. Michael Douglas, 4. Britney Spears, 5. Brad Pitt, 6. Pink

Third row: 1. Billy Bob Thornton, 2. Halle Berry, 3. Halle Berry, 4. Eminem, 5. Demi Moore, 6. Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Shiddy, whatever

Fourth row: 1. Avril Lavigne, 2. Meat Loaf, 3. Cameron Diaz, 4. George Clooney, 5. George Clooney, 6. Fred Durst

Fifth row: 1. Gwyneth Paltrow, 2. Gwen Stefani, 3. Jamie Lee Curtis, 4. Jack Nicholson, 5. Mariah Carey, 6. Sandra Bullock

Sixth row: 1. Meg Ryan, 2. Julianne Moore, 3. Tyra Banks, 4. Whitney Houston, 5. Angelina Jolie, 6. Angelina Jolie