Britney Spears is Safe

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Britney Spears is making K-Fed get rid of his six Australian nurse sharks because she’s afraid with two kids soon to be running around the house, the sharks would be just too dangerous.

Kevin loves those sharks,” a family friend told the mag. “He even named them. But Brit said there’s no way he’d be keeping them.”

Okay, so let me get this straight. It’s perfectly fine for you to pull Sean Preston in his stroller behind your car or feed him chicken bones, or whatever else an obviously perfect mommy like you does, but you draw the line at a dangerous animal that can’t breathe when not in water? Look Brit, Sean P.’s crib isn’t The Orca. The sharks aren’t pirates. They won’t flop into his sandbox to collect a debt from Davey Jones. It really must be refreshing to know that a caveman with a learning disability has more common sense than you.

Britney at a recording studio August 16th:

Source/Images: X17online