Brandon Davis is Still Drunk

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Brandon Davis is apparently taking his rehab seriously. So much so that he jumped on stage, drunk, at Paris Hilton’s CD release party, where he proceeded to announce to the crowd that he has recorded a song of his own:

I wrote a special new song called ‘Firecrotch,’ and it’s for Lindsay Lohan!” He proceeded to ramble on, reminding folks about his infamous online video rant against the actress, which led to him checking into rehab in the first place. An insider tells us the “Firecrotch” song is real and was produced by Scott Storch, who twiddled knobs on Hilton’s album. Sounds like rehab didn’t do much for Davis – who was also seen blotto on Sean Combs’ yacht in St. Tropez recently.

Honestly, you really can’t blame Brandon Davis for beating this horse until it draws flies. “Firecrotch” is more than likely the most interesting thing he’s ever said in his pampered life, and he probably thinks that all the attention he gets from saying it will make him an actual celebrity. “Firecrotch!” is his “Whassup!” and his “Git-R-Done!” Sure, it’s funny the first few times you hear it, then it just starts to sound desperate. Couple that with the fact that he willingly hangs around with Paris Hilton. You’d find more irony watching O.J. Simpson on Lifetime.

Paris Hilton’s launch party on August 15th: