Jenna Jameson Pulls Out

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Jenna Jameson had to scrap her plans to play in next year’s Lingerie Bowl because she can’t get insured.

The X-rated actress was hoping to play quarterback at the quirky Super Bowl alternative game, where sexy participants don lingerie for scrimmages. She says, “For a small girl, I can really rocket that fucker.” But Jameson has been sidelined by her concerned insurance company bosses, who fear she’ll be injured in the televised match up. The porn star will now take charge of the game commentary, which she insists she’ll do in her sexiest underwear.”

Some might say that the only purpose of this post is an excuse to look at these GQ pictures of Jenna Jameson, and they would be right, but have we ever seriously thought about the dangers of the Lingerie Bowl? It’s women playing football in lingerie. You could get hurt worse by sitting in a chair or having a bad dream. I don’t work for an insurance company, so I guess I’m not seeing how being chased by a 100 pound playmate with fake nails is really going to make my premium go up. Getting insured to play in this game would be like getting insured to play checkers.

Most of these are NSFW: