Paris Hilton Really Loved Her Goat

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Paris Hilton bought the plot next to Marilyn Monroe’s grave in Hollywood’s Westwood Village Memorial Park, the legendary cemetary which is home to Truman Capote, Dean Martin and Jack Lemmon. She’s using the plot to bury…her pet goat. She has also hired a gospel choir to perform at a private funeral service for the goat at Los Angeles’ International Church of Christ. A source says:

It’s absolutely disgusting. Paris booked the plot for a ‘Billy Hilton’. Everybody was very understanding because they presumed it was one of her relatives. But it has transpired that it’s just an old goat. Normal people are content to bury their pets in the garden and be done with it. But not Paris. This is one of the most prestigious cemeteries in the world, it’s not for animals. It should be reserved for superstars.”

Great. Not only did one the most archetypal Hollywood movie stars suffer the indignity of being found dead by her housekeeper at age 36, she now has to spend the rest of eternity next to a goat with a low T-cell count.

Paris and her belt on August 9th: