The Beckhams Have Been Invited

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Tom Cruise has dispatched messengers to invite David and Victoria Beckham to meet his baby, Suri. The Beckhams met Tom and Kate at a football match last year, and Victoria gave Kate advice while she was pregnant. However, no Tom Cruise story would be complete without him pushing his freakish cult down everybody’s throat, so needless to say, the Beckhams are sure to have a wonderfully awkward time. A source says:

David and Victoria are honoured that Tom and Katie have asked them along. However they were a little shocked by the list of rules they’ll have to follow. Apparently they can’t take any photographic equipment, they’re banned from touching Suri and they’re not allowed to do any baby-talk around her. It will be very difficult for Victoria, because she just loves babies and is trying for a daughter with David at the moment.”

There are some pictures that showed up online today which are supposed to be of Suri, which is great, but the only problem is that they look like they were taken from space and show nothing resembling a baby. So, if I were the Beckhams, I’d pretty much expect anything at this point. Kate could be holding a six month old baby girl or she could be singing lullabies to something with horns and a tail. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that the Loch Ness Monster has a bigger photo album than Tom Cruise’s daughter.

Posh Spice in London on August 9th: