We Have a Winner, Y’all!

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We received hundreds of entries for the contest to win the “Omni” chair by Sumo Lounge Gear. Thanks to everyone for your entries. Alas, we can only pick one winner. The star studded panel of judges which included a Rip Taylor impersonator and a guy who lives down the street from someone who knows a guy who shook hands with Alfonso Ribeiro decided the winner is Scott L. with the following caption:

Britney Spears Ditches Madonna, Adopts New Idol – Jackie Stallone

The runners up were:

With all the attention focused on Lebanon, Kim Jong Il can finally let his hair down.” – Chris D.

“Elvis has eaten the building.” – Chris R.

Kevin! Stop playin’ with the Hasbro “My Little Hip-Hop Studio” set. It’s time to go.” – Wesley

Which one of you fucks called me Rosie O’Donnell?” – Matt C.

Thanks again to everyone for your entries and keep an eye out for another contest coming soon.