Joe Simpson Really, Really Loves His Daughters

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Apparently, whoring your daughters out and bragging about the size of their tits isn’t really as cool as “Papa” Joe Simpson thought it would be. Reports out of the Simpson camp are that Simpson really is a freaking weirdo.

Joe Simpson has often displayed boundary issues in the process of turning his daughters, Jessica, 26, and Ashlee, 21, into sexual commodities (“She’s got double Ds!” Joe told GQ of Jessica’s bust in 2004. “You can’t cover those suckers up!”) , but sources are saying that the girls have had enough. Why? This is, after all, the man who praises the sexiness of daughter Jessica’s body, and who, a source tells Us Weekly, told stories at an MTV meeting of helping her to fit for her first bra. Says a source who works with them, “It creeps everyone out. And he thinks he knows what he’s doing, and that he’s doing the best for his kids.”

Even creepier is the fact that this dude used to be a youth minister. It’s one thing to send little Susie to day camp so she can make friendship bracelets and sing along to “Jesus Loves Me,” but it’s another when she comes home with her lipstick smeared and her bra and one of her shoes in her hand.

Jessica leaving Ken Paves’ birthday party on August 2nd:


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