Jennifer Lopez Won’t Do Dallas

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Without explanation, Jennifer Lopez has abruptly quit the remake of the 1970s smash hit show, Dallas. Attached to the project since it began, Lopez was set to play alcoholic wife, Sue Ellen, to John Travolta’s J.R Ewing. In a brief statement, Lopez’s representative Leslie Sloane Zelnick said:

She is out of Dallas.”

This production hasn’t even opened a can of film yet, and it’s already on its second director. Despite several of Hollywood’s top young actresses clamoring for the part of Lucy Ewing, unknown Katie Cassidy was cast. These are problems. Losing Jennifer Lopez is not a problem. She sucks. Granted, we’ll probably never know why she left, but maybe it’s because she got fired after the producers remembered that she has been in 20 movies and not one of them has made $100 million. Or that she has the reputation of being an uncontrollable, diva bitch. Or that she steals from handicapped kids and kills bald eagles.

Lopez in Miami on July 31st: