Christina Aguilera Does it Everywhere

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Christina Aguilera recently shared a long list of juicy personal information which includes revealing she had a fun night of sex in public with her husband, Jordan Bratman, in a nightclub. She’s also more than pleased with the fact that he’s well endowed. From August 2006 GQ:

Christina also revealed that new husband Jordan gave a speech at their wedding reception in which he thanked his parents “for my good looks and large willy.” She added: “That’s the truth. He makes me very happy.”

The “good looks” part may have been a tongue in cheek remark, or Jordan may very well believe he’s a hot piece of ass. And why not? If it’s true that he’s a well hung fellow and gets her off on a regular basis, then that’s probably all Christina can see, feel or talk about most of the time. Seriously, though, the girl is like 3′ 2″ in heels so pretty much anything looks big next to her. Toddlers have an easier time getting on the big carnival rides.

Here they are on July 29th, and I couldn’t help but notice the fresh stains in a couple places on that dress. Good girl, Christina.

Source/Images: X17online