Tori Spelling Wants Your Money

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After reportedly being left less than $1 million of her father’s $300 million fortune, Tori Spelling hired a company that specializes in estate sales to sell more than 200 pieces of her designer clothing on eBay. She is also registered in excess of $40,000 at the swank baby boutique, Petit Tresor, in hopes that her friends will furnish her the extravagant nursery she dreamed of before her mother, Candy, decided to put her interior decorator and manicurist in the will and, for all intents and purposes, leave Tori a roll of quarters.

She was in with her husband [Dean McDermott], who was very sweet and seemed to be intimately involved with all the decisions,” reports a spy. “They registered for tons of things, including furniture.”

Far be it from me to feel bad for someone who was born rich then complains she’s only getting a million dollars, but keep in mind, this is Aaron Spelling’s only daughter. And his wife was the executor of the estate. A woman who happens to like people she see’s twice a week better than her own daughter. I’m not saying Tori should kill her, but she should definitely tie an anchor to Candy’s feet to see if she can float.

Tori on the set of Housesitter in Canada on July 28th:

And candid pictures of Tori in a bikini just because: