Justin Timberlake Makes Moves

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Justin Timberlake, who’s still dating Cameron Diaz, was recently quoted saying he wants to move to London because he loves British girls. He was also spotted hitting on Jesse Metcalfe‘s girlfriend, Nadine Coyle, at a London nightclub. Jesse Metcalfe says,

She was out at some club in London and I guess Justin Timberlake was chatting her up, making some moves and trying to pour her drinks. “She told him she had a boyfriend, of course, but hey, you know, I wasn’t there so I don’t know the real story.”

After looking at and having sex with that joker faced troll for the past few years, Justin needs all the sympathy he can get right now. Guys like Jesse should be compassionate enough to loan their girlfriends to him for a few minutes to help Justin feel human again and remind him what attractive people look like. I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin was also seen tongue kissing one of the urinals in the men’s bathroom that night. I can pretty much guarantee most men with eyes would rather masturbate to a picture of a toilet than any candid photo of Cameron Diaz.

Justin Timberlake in August 2006 GQ:

Nadine Coyle at the John Tucker Must Die premiere on July 25th:

Jesse Metcalfe at the John Tucker Must Die premiere on July 25th: