Orlando Bloom Carries a Dolly

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Since Kate Bosworth has been busy promoting Superman Returns, she and here boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, have been spending a lot of time apart. So, in an effort to help ease Orlando’s pain, Kate has given him a Lois Lane doll. The actor now carries it with him wherever he goes. Kate tells Heat magazine:

It looks nothing like me. But Orlando thinks she looks cute.”

I doubt Orlando was prepared for what Kate Bosworth has turned into, because judging by the size of her head, the only way he can get her to have sex is by putting down a trail of Reese’s Pieces to get her in the bedroom. At this point, the doll probably weighs the same as Kate. If she lost any more weight, you could tie a string to her toe and fly her at the beach.

Bosworth, thong, spine, sideboob and spine at the Superman Returns premiere: