Scarlett Johansson Hearts Reebok

Scarlett Johansson has signed a multi year deal with Reebok to co-create Scarlett Hearts Reebok, a “fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection debuting in spring 2007 at high-end department stores and boutiques around the world.” She will also star in Reebok’s global women’s advertising campaign starting in 2007.

Reebok is thrilled to partner with Scarlett because she is a world renowned style icon and truly an inspiration for today’s young women,” said Reebok’s President and CEO Paul Harrington. “Scarlett embodies the pulse points of our brand – individuality, authenticity and a life lived to the fullest in perpetual motion. These characteristics make her the perfect fit for our new women’s footwear and apparel collection and also for our exciting new women’s campaign.”

The last time I owned a pair of Reeboks, I was leaving a note in Lisa Brewington’s locker to ask her what time my mom should pick us up to go see Dirty Dancing. So, if Reebok thinks getting me to masturbate to their new cover girl will make me buy their shoes, they should really stop telling me my credit card has been declined.