Orlando Bloom is Too Tired

Orlando Bloom insists that he will never cheat on Kate Bosworth with a groupie because he is always so tired. He claims that he is too worn out to make time for female admirers. He says:

I don’t have a problem with groupies. When you are onset or have been promoting all day, the last thing you want is a load of ladies knocking on your door.”

I’m not calling Orlando Bloom gay, but we really shouldn’t be surprised if he or any other actor in Hollywood is. The reason is because they’re actors. Most of them didn’t pack their bags and move to Hollywood after throwing the game winning touchdown in the high school state championship game. More than likely, they split their time between rehearsing lines for “Oklahoma!” and chorus recitals. And it really doesn’t help when they say they would rather go to sleep than bang the sorority that showed up at their hotel because they are too tired from spending all day in makeup and playing pretend. Unless Kate Bosworth’s vagina is flowing with milk and honey, most guys would run up a volcano if they thought a threesome was waiting for them inside.

Orlando at the “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Premiere” in Paris: