Fred Durst is Getting Married

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Fred Durst announced via his MySpace blog that he’s engaged to a girl named Krista Salvatore who he met this year during Memorial Day weekend.

I have met a wonderful girl named Krista from Rhode Island and have asked her to marry me. She said yes and I am now proud to say that we are engaged to be married.”

He also mentioned he “wanted to announce the good news before rumors spread” which, of course, really means – “Nobody cares about me anymore, so I need to give people reasons to talk about me. I’m still doing it all for the nookie and would like you to give me something to break. Remember me now? Fred. The bald guy with the red hat, sex tape, hairy gut and small penis. Yeah, you remember!”

Since I’m pretty sure about 0 1/2 people care about pictures of Fred Durst, so here’s Christina Aguilera leaving the Koko club last night in a see through dress: