Lindsay Lohan is More Sexual

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Lindsay Lohan claims that the reason she’s so vaginally social is because she’s a redhead, and that they are more passionate than brunettes and blondes. She says:

I have this Playboy book called Redheads in my room and I was reading all these things about how redheads are more passionate, and apparently they’re much more sexual than girls with other hair colors. I think I’m more sexual than my friends. More comfortable in my skin.”

I’ll be more than happy to take Lindsay’s word for this since I usually prefer anything but redheads. Not because I’m exclusionary, but because the only redheads other than Lindsay I can think of right now are Mrs. Garrett and Molly Ringwald. And I’m sure I’d rather masturbate to a video of a plane crash than picture either of them shopping for anal beads.

Here are more pictures from the Georgia Rule boat blowjob scene:

Blohan shopping in Malibu on July 9th: