Kelly Clarkson is Too “Healthy”

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The original American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, recently signed an advertising deal with Glaceau Vitamin Water to promote her own line of vitamin water. However, the deal has been put on hold because she looks like she only drinks milkshakes.

The only catch is the company won’t announce the deal until the “American Idol” winner loses some more weight…Clarkson looks like she could lose a few pounds. Since the brand is all about fitness and health, she’s been put on a strict diet and the deal is secret until she slims down.”

Sure she has the voice to win a talent show, but unless the ad has Kelly drinkng water under a sign that says “2006 World Hotdog Eating Championships,” Kelly might not be the perfect person to convince me that your water is the envy of all waters.

Kelly performing on June 30th:

And those sexy bikini pictures from Easter (again):